Am I GROWing?

My one word for 2014 is GROW. I’m three months into the year, and I’m wondering if I’m really growing, or if I’m still being held back by my fears.

My fear is rejection. My fear is people disagreeing with me, and then not liking me, and then not wanting me as a friend anymore. My fear is being put down. My fear is being valueless.

So for a long time I have said what I thought would make everyone happy. I have avoided speaking my true thoughts and beliefs and questions because I was afraid of the result. I didn’t want conflict. I didn’t want anyone to be mad at me. I wanted to have worth, and I felt like I had to agree with everyone in order for them to see my worthiness.

The problem is that I often felt buried, like my true self was hidden. 

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**photo from Wikimedia Commons

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