Telling Our Stories Out Loud

Today I am guest posting over at Elora Nicole’s place for her series What Women Want.

Women want to shed their masks.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

When you nod and smile but actually you disagree and want to scream.

When you apologize for your kids acting up in church when you really want to say, “We had a rough morning and the fact that we even made it to church is a huge success.”

When you agree to serve on a committee even though you really feel like your life is too full and too exhausting as it is.

When you continue to sing every hymn, pray ever prayer, and show up at church every time the door is open even when your faith is parched, uncertain, or borderline non-existent.

When you wear a smile and pretend like you have it together while privately you struggle day after day with depression. 

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