Find Your True Self and Don’t Be Afraid to Be It: A Podcast

I am so excited to share that I’ve been interviewed for another Podcast! (If you missed my first one on Eastern Orthodoxy, go here.)

I found Tayo Rockson through Twitter. He is a third culture kid, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur. Tayo has actually “introduced” me to several other TCKs on Twitter. It’s so fun to meet people with a background like mine.

Tayo has started a wonderful Podcast called As Told By Nomads, in which he interviews a variety of world travelers and third culture kids. I was honored that he included me in this creative endeavor.

I have been gone from Thailand for 18 years now, and it’s been 10 years since I’ve visited. For a very long time, it was hard for me to write about my years there. I think there are so many strong emotions connected to that place that I was scared to take myself into that inner vulnerable space. I think I let Thailand simply become a thing of the past so I wouldn’t have to feel the intense grief, joy, longing, and confusion that often come with a life of world wanderings.

Tayo and the community of third culture kids (and adults!) that I’ve found online have helped me find a voice to talk about Thailand. It’s an exciting time for me.

With that, I will link you to the podcast, where Tayo and I talk a lot about the life of a TCK with all its successes and challenges. Be sure to check out his other interviews, too! Click below to get the Podcast.

Podcast: Find Your True Self 

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