Poem a Day for 5 Days – Day 3

I’ve been tagged by my friend, poet Brianna Pike, to post a poem of mine (published, early draft, loved or hated) each day for five days and each day, I’m to tag another poet to join the challenge.

Today’s poem is an older one I wrote when I was in my MFA program called “Moon Garden.” At some point I got interested in moon gardens, which are gardens of flowers that bloom at night, that let off their fragrance at night, or simply white flowers that show up well in the moonlight. Hopefully one day I can grow my own moon garden! This poem was sort of also about a relationship, and all the hopes, losses, and growth that come with that. “Moon Garden” was originally published by the Australian literary journal etchings.


Also, here’s a video that shows a moonflower blooming.



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