Sorrell_Karissa_Knox_COVEvening Body, a poetry chapbook, was published by Finishing Line Press in February 2016. 

Praise for Evening Body:

Anecdotes of an attentive, compassionate heart.

– Scott Cairns, author of Slow Pilgrim: The Collected Poems

“Those of us/in the space between don’t know which way/to look: one star beyond our reach, the other/crossing floors of our shared earth.” (“Mirrors”)

In an interplay of silver and tarnish, light and shadow, mirrors capture and return the self. Evening Body contemplates liminality–thresholds between dusk and dark, desire and death, earth and sky–in quiet, quietly reflective poems.

– Pamela Johnson Parker, author of A Walk Through the Memory Palace and Other Four-Letter Words 

Evening Body can be purchased here. 


FinalSoulBareCoverSoul Bare, an anthology on raw stories of human redemption, was published in July 2016 by InterVarsity Press. 

My essay, “Wrestling with God in the Arthouse Theater,” is featured.

Praise for Soul Bare: 

“I held my breath, I cried, I shuddered, I whispered prayers, I ached. Most of all, I fell more deeply in love with Jesus through these words and stories. I can’t help but think how wide and deep and long this love is that finds us all so broken and yet so beautiful.”
—Idelette McVicker, founder and editor-in-chief, SheLoves Magazine

“If you harbor any doubts that God is present in the broken places, let this prayerful chorus of voices dispel them. Soul Bare is a psalm to what is hard and holy, a glorious song of praise to a God who reaches into darkness and blesses even our deepest wounds.”
—Esther Emery, writer

“These stories are brave, honest, and lyrical: a mosaic of shadows and light. As I turned these pages, I felt like I was being invited to glimpse a sacred cross section of the human experience. Suffering. Celebration. Despair. Hope. Sin. Forgiveness. And through it all an unmistakable thread of relentless redemption.”
—Micah J. Murray, writer

Soul Bare can be purchased here


crrThe Cumberland River Review: The First Five Years, an anthology of poems published in the literary magazine The Cumberland River Review, was published in June 2018. My poem, “Salvation,” is one of the poems in this book. 

The Cumberland River Review: The First Five Years can be purchased here