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Book Month Challenge Day 27: Favorite collection of stories

The Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards. Have you heard of the book The Memory Keeper’s Daughter? That was by Kim Edwards. But this book is better than that one. These stories span continents and cultures and a variety of relationships. Here are synopses of my 3 favorite stories from the book: Spring, …

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Book Month Challenge Day 14: Book Whose Main Character You Want to Marry

Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. (Did you notice I how got straight to the point there?) Peeta is a good guy at his core. I absolutely love the scene in the book where he throws Katniss the bread. But that’s not the first time he notices her. He notices her when they start school …

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Marriage and The Church: Can Honesty Be the Best Policy?

Traditional marriage almost seems scandalous these days. We watch Hollywood couples move in together and have children, then get married. We have friends in committed long-term relationships who are afraid that getting married would change things. We see the alarming statistics about divorce in our country. Thus, we are amazed by couples who have been …

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