Category: Parenting

My Year of Growth

Last January I chose the word GROW as my guiding word for the year. I never new how painful – and beautiful – growing can be. In many ways, this year was a year of failure. Time and time again, I felt like a failure at my job, at home, and as a writer. I am …

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On Faith and Feminism: Two Female Saints

Although the Faith Feminisms link-up officially ended on Friday, I wanted to write one last post about the intersection of faith and feminism. Since I was on vacation this week, I found it hard to find time for blogging. I mean, who wants to blog when the beach is calling to you? So, a bit …

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Wednesday Wrestling: My Faith is a Fish

My last installment of Wednesday Wrestling comes from my friend Mary Evelyn Smith, a blogger whose writing often invites both laughter and contemplation. I always know that a new post from Mary Evelyn will lift my spirits, but mostly what I appreciate is how her authenticity shines through. She always tackles difficult topics with honesty, …

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