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Wednesday Wrestling: Dislocation

Today’s guest post comes from Caiobhe (pronounced Keeva) from The Hope Diaries. I am fairly new to her blog, but have found her writing honest, authentic, and encouraging. I rejoice to have connected with this brave, spiritual, thoughtful, and creative woman. Her writing is challenging and refreshing. I’m sure you will think so, too.   …

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Announcing a New Blog Series: Wednesday Wrestling (with props to Jacob, Gideon, and Barbara Brown Taylor)

You know that I love the story of Jacob wrestling with God. You know I love the idea that our faith often feels like wrestling with conflicting ideas. You know that I no longer believe that strong faith has to be equivalent to certainty. As Barbara Brown Taylor said, “I had done everything they had …

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Searching for Spiritual, Questioning Religious

I’ve been thinking a lot about an article I read in this month’s The Word, a publication of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, called “Orthodox Spirituality in an Ungodly Age.” Kevin Allen, who hosts a radio show called “Ancient Faith Today” on Ancient Faith Radio (and who has interacted with me a bit on this blog), …

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